Pegasingan - Hiking to Miniature Rinjani - Rinjani Face


Pegasingan is the name of the hill that is close to Mount Rinjani. is climbing the alternative "Camping Ground" that we have provided to you who are not able or do not have time to climb Mount Rinjani and for those of you who traveled family, now soft package hill tracks pegasingan or wild flower we have provided to you. Bukit Pegasingan Soft Trek 2Nights-1hari

Pergasingan hill is the perfect place to spend time releasing the pressure of everyday life with fresh air, beautiful natural scenery and stunning panoramas of Mount Rinjani. Camping / soft trekking to the Mount pergasingan will let go of your stress and will make you healthy inside and out with climbing special and extraordinary sight of Mount Pergasingan (Landscape Sembalun village, Gunung Rinjani) and others.

We provide an alternative to the ascent of you who are not able to climb Rinjani and also for those who travel with children, climbing the hill pergasingan of Sembalun village not far buth only run for approximately 2 hours from the village Sembalun.
Bukit pergasingan is a hill very appropriate for you who Traveling family, who love the beauty of nature, and who want to enjoy the fresh air in a deserted place, there was only the sound of birds and animals, the night you will be adorned with the beautiful star-star known., pergasingan very strategic place to see the natural beauty Sembalun, Lombok nature, the countryside and the beauty of Mount Rinjani.


This hill namely Pegasingan taken from the name of the typically game in Lombok it call gasing (a woodcut played using rope / alit). In ancient times at the top of this hilltop figures usually used to complain that intelligence played a top. Therefore this hill is called Pergasingan / Pegasingan. 


This hill has an elevation of about 1,700 meters above sea level, is located in the eastern hills lined Sembalun Lawang, and has particularly flat tops. From the top of the hill you can see the natural beauty such as the south of this hill is Sembalun, west is Gunug Rinjani, Flores sea north and east Elat Alas, Sumbawa island, and Mount Tambora 


The climb takes about 3 hours. If you’d like camping you should stay, because you can watch the Sunset and Sunrise as it was at the top of Rinjani. Trek climbing this hill is not as steep Rinjani, but at some point the slope reaches 65 degrees. So you have to bring a complete equipment. 

you are advised to bring equipment to stay, as you will see Sunset & Sunrise. If you want to know more and want to rent tents, etc.