Rinjani face - Trekking and Hiking in Mount Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia


We are Rinjani Face proudly be one of regulated trekking operator for trekking to Mount Rinjani, in 2016 established be one of geopark in Indonesia. Discover the amazing land included summit (second highest summit in Indonesia), lake (Segara anak), natural hot spring (Aiq kalaq) and many more amazing spot in one mount. If you're the type of adventurer who thinks that trekking is spectacular - this is the place for you!. Each day of a trek with will include 5-7 hours of walking for 3-4 days with total distance of touring close to 11-24 km (7-15 miles).We’re proud of our record of successful ascents (over 92% of our travellers make it to the top of Rinjani), but it’s our team and local guides that make the journey itself as memorable as the summit. And if you’re not into big climbs, don’t sweat it; we’ve got loads of lower-impact walks and iconic treks you’ll love, too.
We’re committed to provide a service considering both culture and nature. There are many reasons to choose us to lead your trek:
  • Extensive Experience - guiding and mountaineering on Mount Rinjani. We have climbed this mountain over 800 times, and have climbed twice a week for 12 years. With all our experience, we believe we can provide you with a trekking service which is as good, if not better than a large trekking company. Every single step, sight and smell on the mountain is already in our mind.
  • Full coverage - We have staff on the ground in Senaru and Sembalun village to assist you at your hotel and help prepare you for the ascent at base camp.
  • Trek experts - With over 1,000 trekkers making the trek with us each year, we’re the experienced trekkers. Our successful summit ratio is second to none.
  • Pay once - Unlike other companies, we bundle the cost of securing your climbing and national park fees into the trip price. Fees for equipment, meals on the mountain, transport, and support staff are included too.
  • Small group treks - Our treks connect you with other trekkers headed up Rinjani, helping everyone keep costs down. Share laughs, swap stories, and cheer each other on, then celebrate your achievement with new friends you’ll never, ever forget.
  • Environmentally Conscious - The Rinjani conditions are sometimes uncomfortable for visitors. In high season (July until August) the local visitor numbers increase and this can have a negative impact on the environment. This means that we collect and remove everything that we take up, such is our motto "Leave only your footprint, take all your memories".

Frequently ask by trekker

Will the altitude affect us?

In the higher altitudes, the air is thinner than you would normally find in the atmosphere at sea level, where most of us live. Although everyone will experience the altitude differently and to varying degrees, slow and steady is always the order of the day. The more time you give yourself to acclimatize to high-altitude environments, the easier your climb will be.

Who carries the gear?

On the majority of our trips, our expert staff carries all the supplies and equipment (including food for hearty, delicious meals). All you have to do is carry your own stuff, stay hydrated, and focus on is putting one foot in front of the other. On some of the tougher hikes, you will need to carry all your gear for some periods. But the views and surroundings will be worth it.

What will we eat?

To get you going every day, you’ll need lots of energy, and our cooks make sure there’s plenty of healthy, quality food at hand. Our team of porters carries all the supplies where necessary, including fresh produce. Meals consist of local and international cuisine, and while special requests can almost always be accommodated, it is wise to inform us in advance.

Who’s leading the way?

Our guides, sherpas and porters have all hiked their respective hills for years, and they’re well-versed in all the tricks you need to master them. They’ll help you with your pack, keep you motivated, and coax you through the rougher spots with care and compassion.

Where will we sleep?

It depends! Some treks involve full-service camping experiences where all the equipment is provided, including sleeping mats (all you need to bring is your sleeping bag and pillow). Tents are always of high quality and vary according to the specific environmental conditions of your chosen trek. Other treks involve mountain huts with single beds.

I’ve never trekked before. Is that a problem?

You don’t have to be an elite endurance athlete to enjoy a day’s exercise abroad. Many of our Active itineraries are built for the first-time active traveller and offer a more relaxed – but still active – experience. You don’t have to be a high-endurance athlete, just someone who’s in good, healthy shape. And if you’re unsure whether a trek is right for you, simply ask us and we’ll get you sorted out.