3 day 2 night hike

Are you a real climber, how many mountains you have climbed, how fast you climb. Package 3 days 2 nights challenges you to answer who you are, Edmund Hillary says it is not mountain we conquer but ourselve This 3 day 2 night package is included in the heavy package category because the terrain is steep and challenging, climbing the peak, going down the valley to Segara Anak lake is a very challenging journey and requires a fit and long-lasting body condition. hour The following is a description of the trip 

Trek to Summit

Day 1 (pick up and take you to a temporary stopover place for a night) 

When you have booked and have determined the arrival schedule, our team will prepare pick-up, just call where you will be landing in the Lombok area, our timeliness is prioritized to avoid you from anxiety and wait long in its place. Don't worry we will definitely find you while you are in Lombok and have provided details of your trip such as take-off schedules if you use an airplane, hours of anchor if you use boat services or check-out schedules from the hotel. We will pick you up to the inn in Senaru. Maybe you ask why do I have to live in Senaru? Because it is close to the hiking trail, besides that we can easily accommodate you before climbing like, if you need shoes to climb maybe we can rent you here, or maybe you want to request what kind of trekking equipment, we will try to condition or maybe you want to meet your guide, it's very possible to meet and meet face to face. 

2nd Day-trip to the starting point (sembalun point) -crater rim 

The journey from the morning from the hotel to the starting point in Sembalun village, East Lombok, where you will be invited to register and ask permission to enter Gunung Rinjani National Park by paying an entrance fee of 150,000 rupiah per person per day. So if you choose this program you have to prepare 450,000 rupiah per head to get a ticket. Note: for the option of getting a ticket, you can negotiate with us, considering that the online booking system has been applied for rations After making a payment and you are declared eligible to climb (do not have diseases such as:) The journey continues to the shelter 1 by crossing the meadow for 2 hours drive from the gate, after arriving at shelter 1 with an altitude of 1300 meters you will be able to see a view of the vast meadow. The trip will proceed to shelter 2, here you will be served lunch by the porters, our team who are good at cooking will serve the dishes you definitely like. The journey continues towards the crater rim over 7 hills for 3-4 hours which is rather steep and of course you need extra energy during the trip, the energy bar is very very nice to eat at this place. When you arrive at the crater rim, you may be happy because the trip for the first day is finished. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, above the clouds, here you can see the wide view from above, the Segara Anak lake, and the path to the top. If you are hungry do not worry that our team understands the situation, they will try to overtake you before you arrive at the camp to prepare food and serve it when you arrive at the camp, if you know they are extraordinary trying to walk faster with a very heavy burden, without stop working before you get food and ready to sleep. 

3rd Day- travel to the top of the lakes as children - and climb to the crater rim 

You have arrived on the most challenging day in this package, that is, you will run for the 12 hour description as follows: Travel to the top The journey starts at 2 midnight to reach the top when the sun rises. Climb steep and sandy cliffs where your patience will be tested by the weight of the terrain you will pass. The cliffs that produce with a slope of 70 degrees make the journey heavy and challenging but once again plant it in your heart and mind you are not a person who is easy to give up, if you can do it the trip to the top is not a difficult matter. Climbing for an average of 3 hours will bring you to an altitude of 3726 meters where you can feel thinning air, piercing cold, and here you have to prepare yourself with adequate trekking clothes such as jackets, wind breakers, boots and long calanas and cuffs to maintain the thermal temperature of your body. The view that can be seen from here is the spectacular sunrise, the scenery across the mountain, and you can see the island of Lombok and several mountain tops from other regions such as Bali and Flores. After feeling enough travel will go down to the camp for breakfast, we usually serve pancakes, fried banana, fruit salad and some thirsty drinks. The trip does not end here you have to proceed to the lake The description of the trip is as follows: Down the steep cliffs I don't lie but these cliffs are really steep needing concentration because if you are not careful or underestimate the situation can be fatal for you. Complete what your guide instructs you to get to the destination. Segara Anak Lake will be your resting place before continuing to climb. Soak in hot water or swim on the banks of Segara Anak Lake. It's not complete if we haven't given you lunch to recharge you to climb a 600-meter-high cliff from Segara Anak Lake. The journey is not easy but thanks to your patience and hard work I am sure you will arrive at the crater rim before 5 pm, it is important to get the beautiful sunset on the western horizon. We will set up campsites so you can enjoy your last night. 

4rd day down the mountain directly to Senaru 

Wake up before the sun rises because of the beautiful and fresh scenery you only get in the morning, enjoy the clean air, the cool air and the flash of color from the sun that hit the object on the mountain. Before starting the downward journey, don't forget we will equip you first with an energetic breakfast so that you are always fit while on the trip. When we arrive, we will welcome you, please release your fatigue before leaving us. If your trip with us is fun, you can share the good things about us.