Mount RInjani One day trek

Another view of segara anak lake from crater

Indeed climbing to Mount Rinjani can be done in one day from star to finish, this climb can only be done from the Senaru line and only visit the crater rim with an altitude of 2639 meters above sea level. But this climb is recommended for those of you who are truly fit and have had a fairly strong climbing experience, because it passes through a fairly steep terrain of 8.5 km, through tropical rain forests and rocky grasslands. The natural atmosphere along rinjani hiking trail will greatly support your desire to reach the top of the crater rim, for them this climb is fairly easy, but sometimes expectations are not in accordance with reality. If you really want to test your ability to conquer nature this package is perfect for you, besides you can do it in one day you will also see a good view from above in the form of a view of Segara Anak Lake.

rinjani face-crater senaru
Rocky Grassland part

But to realize your trekking success, there are several activities that must be skipped or made as concise as possible, such as reducing meal times, if on a regular trekking program we prepare food on the trip by providing fresh food with cooking and this takes around 1.5 hour. So we provide an alternative to prepare your lunch from the hotel before you leave. The food we mean is sandwich, boil egg, and some biscuits for extra energy, or you can request, so we recommend that when you choose this package you must be prepared with your best energy food.

rest area
Senaru trekking gate

Inside Rinjani Topical Rain Forest

Based on the consideration of the time and purpose of the climb we divided this program into two options, namely:

1. First Option - Climbing at midnight

This program provides an option for those of you who want a one-day excursion and want to see the scenery in the morning, because the natural scenery is very bright in the morning so you have the opportunity to see the lake clearly.

The trekking itinerary details are as follows:

  • 1200 hours of trekking preparation at the hotel
  • At 0100 the journey starts from the Senaru line, by traversing the tropical rainforest so that equipment such as a flashlight is needed, your guide will guide you.
  • At 0600 you have arrived at the crater rim, you can take a break and enjoy the view of the crater of Mount Rinjani and Lake Segara Anak At 0230 you will arrive at post 2 right in the middle of the trip to the crater rim
  • If it is enough, the return trip will continue with the downhill with the same path with an estimated time of approximately five hours, so that in total you will spend a day climbing up to go home.
2. Second Option

You can consider this option if the scenery is not your priority, if you are more interested in wanting to prove how strong you are in conquering the rinjani field. The difference from option one is only when starting the trip if in option one you start the journey at 0100 a night, then in option two this trip starts at 0600 in the morning by considering the travel time to the crater rim 6 hours away by summarizing the break time for lunch then you can respond to the crater rim at least at 1400 so that we still have a 30-minute break before continuing on the way back down the mountain for about 4 hours. Those are some options, please choose if you have things that are still confusing, like the question can I, how will my food be prepared, how fast should I walk ?, please ask your question, we will help you to make the best choice for your vacation.