Rinjani 2 day 1 night trek

Climbing to Mount Rinjani does not only belong to those who have strong physical and climbing experience. The 2 day 1 night package invites you to climb to Mount Rinjani to see the beauty by standing on the crater rim. Not only the view of the crater rim, you can see the beauty of the Segara Anak lake from an altitude of 2639 meters above sea level besides the afternoon scenery is no less interesting, the sunsets can be seen very clearly without being obstructed by anything, the atmosphere of a campground with natural nuances on a hill far from the hustle and bustle of life. For those of you who are looking for a quiet and natural vacation, climbing to Mount Rinjani might be your alternative to meet your vacation, the duration is relatively short, but the climbing experience you will never forget.


Day 1 (pick up and take you to a temporary stopover place for a night) When you have booked and have determined the arrival schedule, our team will prepare pick-up, just call where you will be landing in the Lombok area, our timeliness is prioritized to avoid you from anxiety and wait long in its place. Don't worry we will definitely find you while you are in Lombok and have provided details of your trip such as take-off schedules if you use an airplane, hours of anchor if you use boat services or check-out schedules from the hotel. We will pick you up to the inn in Senaru. Maybe you ask why do I have to live in Senaru? Because it is close to the hiking trail, besides that we can easily accommodate you before climbing like, if you need shoes to climb maybe we can rent you here, or maybe you want to request what kind of trekking equipment, we will try to condition or maybe you want to meet your guide, it's very possible to meet and meet face to face. 

Day 2 (Trek to rinjani) The climbing trip to the crater rim is only 6-7 hours or depending on your condition, but on average they can take only 5-6 hours, but it is possible that it can be very slow. The terrain that will be passed is quite long and quite tiring, of course climbing the mountain is never flat, climbing and continuing to climb through the shady tropical rainforests can help you to enjoy a hiking trip. If you are tired or hungry and need energy, don't worry our team will prepare lunch to meet your energy needs while on the way, maybe you ask what the food is? We only serve Indonesian specialties such as nasi campur, nasi goring (fried rice), soup, pancake and toast for breakfast and we guarantee our food is safe and higinies. The journey is continued again by climbing a grassy and rocky hill, in this place I must say you must have extra energy of course energy bar snack, but If you haven’t it we will keep for you to always make you handy to climb. The terrain is sandy and sometimes slippery in certain places for 2 hours walk, maybe you can imagine how difficult it is to walk in sandy and gravel terrain . But your fatigue will be treated when you reach the top of the crater rim, the porters will welcome you and spoil you with a glass of coffee or warm chocolate while enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

Day 3 (home :D yey) 

The Mission is complete may be what you are thinking, save that thought first, we have to climb down from the mountain for 5 days by going through the same path, in some mountains, going down the cliff is more tired than climbing, how about you? if you are tired don't worry you will still be served for lunch by your team. When you arrive at senaru, you can shout the mission accomplish, when you say thank you to your guide and porter for good teamwork to make your climb successfully .After everything is OK we will deliver you to your next destination - end of service.