How to Choose The Best Reliable Trekking Agency in Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is the third highest mountain in Indonesia after the Jaya and Kerinci peaks, now become famous mountain in south east asia, what has made many tourists visit it lately ?. in my opinion Mount Rinjani, has beautiful nature have some attractive site such as Segara Anak Lake and Hot Springs, in other hand Gunung Rinjani be a part of tourism attraction for trekkers to prove their ability, their streng to conquer difficult terrain, do you want know how hard rinjani ? . The past five years climbers from various parts of the world experienced increasing number of visitors, the most significant number of trekker is from China, almost every month the number of Chinese increasing the guest list who climbed to Rinjani, both from Singapore and Malaysia and now many are from china directly. In other side Digital trends is an important media role in increasing the number of visitors to Rinjani, where the social media dominate. Increasing number of visitors has a significant impact on the growing number of trekking agents, and some many trekker confused to choose the right one. What if I give you some tip on how to choose your passion trekking agent based on my experience as a trekking guide.

  1. Choose a company that cares about the environment

  2. This is crucial, according data from National park, every year the number of visitor is increase latently followed by number volume of waste brought, honestly the trekking situation become unfriendly impact, so please help us to reduce them by select a prior agent, therefore, before you decide to book with a agent you should check whether they are agents who care about the environment or not, how to check (source). if you see and read on almost all the trekking agent websites they will definitely campaign ecofriendly trekking, but in reality only a few are concerned about this. I do not mean the promotion of agent below, because for me honesty of information is an absolute thing, what we say is what we do. Trekkers or visitors should not use cheap trekking services ! 

    This post will lead you to avoid cheap company trap 

    Why ? in addition to poor trekking services they are almost unconcerned about the sustainability of tourism and nature, such as them and their team will definitely throw garbage in the place. I have trekking agent list who has good reputation according many review and mine 

    Rudy Trekkers, they are the first trekking company, who has made big influencer to other company to pack in less and pack out more, I work as their tim for 5 year they have rule every his man have to bring their trash and not to litter and I love this agent, consistent and safety is their priority, they bring all the garbage and provide incentives to their guides and porters in return for their care. 

    Next Hajar Trekking is that the owner is polite person, I know this man, his humble and implements the rules of every porter and guide who has to carry trash and another is a trekker safety is first priority, a company with a disciplined owner and team. 

    on the other hand there is Green Rinjani , the first trekking company to campaign eco-friendly trekking by planting trees along trekking, green Rinjani, invites visitors to participate in planting trees along the hiking trail, not only that, they are one of big operator for trekking. they are a good list of agents according to my sight as a guide who has been a guide for rinjani more than 5 years old. They are good agent of course their service is quality, if you want epic adventure you can contact them, how if you come in budget ?, you can search another company or you can jump to my service, I made trekking for budget trekker but not less with reasonable services and I commit to provide safety and friendly hiking or you considering the package price offered.

  3. The second- Check guest reviews about them

  4. Right now, everything was online and easy, to find a positife review to lead what you are looking for, I have been ask many trekker “how you get here” , they always refer to review sites such as tripadvisor, tripadvisor is the dominant referral site seen before rinjani, besides that there is Google review, please take advantage of the facilities they provide. But do you know what you read on it sometimes is fake, many people fake their ID to make a positive review, then how do you complete it, as a guide and trekking agent I will share tricks to consider which agent you deserve to choose in the midst of many agents offering the same package. after checking review proceed by searching for a blog about them and also checking your chat with them, usually communication occurs via email, What if I tell you the draft email they send is almost the same in all agents because of the culture of pasting in the e-mail format they copy from a large agent. Check the e-mail format finding the most different and ask many questions but not to much , the answers will represent the professionalism as reputed agent.

  5. Don't be tempted by cheap package prices

  6. many people will take these opportunity by creating a promotional website, giving you cheap package prices, but as I have described above, their service is bad, of course you don't want to eat instant food like instant noodles along your tour right? And join a large number of groups, in addition to grabbing your privacy you will be disturbed.

  7. Check the location of your agent

  8. you need to know a lot of outside trekking agents that sell rinjani abroad and want know what they do to you, you will be sold back to the agent and it can happen up to 3 cycles until they find a cheapest agent, so as a result, you will pay the package at a price expensive but cheap service, avoid booking from outside agents, I recommend choosing an agent who lives in Sembalun or Senaru area because they are indigenous people who can be trusted