This program is suitable for those who want to spend your holiday period such as honey month trek, family trekking, climbing trips with longer duration you will be able to explore the beauty of mount rinjani in details
This trekking program is arranged for trekker who have had considerable experience in climbing, because the program is attempting to surround the crater of mount rinjani so needed a good physical condition, and fit. In this programs you will visit the peaks, lakes, and natural hot spring water.
This trekking program is arranged for hikers who want to climb to the top of rinjani, this program is highly recommended to trekker who just want to climb the peak due short vacation time, trekking to short program and other reasons. This program is short but complete, so you can enjoy a complete view of the mountain from the top of rinjani and you can return on second day.


The program is not much different from trekking 2 night 3 day from sembalun route it’s differences you do not climb the peak just visiting the crater rim and segara anak lake as well as the natural hot spring aiq kalaq and the programs was held for the novice trekkers who want to find satisfaction with attraction around mountain region.
This trekking is crated for beginner trekker, easy to moderate track that you will encounter in this program. Trip at this level relative is easier just visit the crater rim without climbing to the peak and you will get more beautiful scenery from the crater rim owned.
This program suitable for you like a simple, you only spend one day for trekking to crater rim. Starting from mid night at Senaru village to Senaru crater rim , back and finish at Senaru village. The trail quit steep, you will through jungle along the track and stony on some place, but when you arrive there you will be find a beautiful landscape in great moment such us: spectacular sunset over the three gilis and Mountain Agung in Bali, the sunrise from the next valley of Mt. Sangkareang. Smoke throughout from the hole of volcano in the middle of Segara anak lake.


This post is suitable for you who like and want to trekking. want to climb rinjani ?? but the energy, time / supplies are not enough. we have a package that maybe you could try to climb the miniature Rinjani / Pegasingan hill. Guaranteed no less beautiful with rinjani.